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WOW! Navy plane falls off aircraft carrier during landing

This frightening video has been released of a freak accident involving a Navy airplane that injured eight sailors and nearly proved fatal. As you can see, when the E-2C Hawkeye attempted to land on an aircraft carrier, a cable that was meant to slow the plane’s landing suddenly snapped.

In the clip, which was filmed aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower based near Norfolk, Virginia, the plane can be seen coming in for an ordinary landing. The cable, which spans the width of the deck, is meant to catch the plane and help it stay on the runway by reducing its speed.

The plane lands and successfully catches the cable with its tail hook, but within moments, the cable slips out of the hook and whiplashes toward a group of sailors. Without the cable to slow it down, the plane continues down the runway and off the aircraft carrier. For several agonizing seconds, the plane seems to have plunged into the water, but the pilot manages to regain control just in time

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