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Top 10 Celebrities Who Admitted To Doing It In Public

Before we had the confines of houses and walls, where else did humans mate? Well, you have the great outdoors. When you need to get something done and the urges are strong enough, then you’ll find whatever place possible to satisfy those needs.Public frolicking happens on a regular basis. Of course, such actions are illegal. But that doesn’t stop a frisky couple from sneaking under the table, going behind a tree, or taking a swim.

When you’re not a celebrity and you’re in the public spotlight, doing it in public isn’t an option usually because if you get caught, the consequences are dire as it could ruin your career or hurt the ratings and sales of your work.

However, sometimes getting caught doing it in public can also help promote and get some publicity. And as they say in the marketing world, any publicity is good publicity. Just as leaked pics can happen on occasion, so can celebrities getting caught in public doing the dirty.

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