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Top 10 Bizarre “Sugar Daddy” Cases

There are some people out there who don’t have to worry about paying a single bill or buying any sort of food. If they’re dating a man who not only is a bit older, but also has a significant amount of money, then they might be in a “sugar daddy” position where they have an arrangement of sorts.

Some people may call it a form of prostitution while others may call it a genius financial idea. There are some extraordinarily wealthy men out there who want nothing more than some companionship, and they are willing pay top dollar for the women they court. Now, payment could come in a form of paying for a vacation, student loans, rent, or even some credit card bills. There are even websites that are dedicated to help “sugar daddies” find “sugar babies” to spoil to their heart’s content. But just because something is conveniently arranged doesn’t mean it’s completely normal.
Here are ten unbelievable “sugar daddy” stories.

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