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Teacher Had S£x With Two Boys In Love Triangle

A former high school teacher is counting her lucky stars this week, after a judge ruled she would not have serve jail time or register as a sex offender for hooking up with two 17-year-old students. Previously a math teacher in Westlake, Haeli Noelle Wey, 29, went on a trip to Africa with a student and his family in the summer of 2015. There, the two took their bond to the next level, embarking on a relationship over the next several months. The student testified the two engaged in intercourse at least ten times.

Unfortunately, their burgeoning love affair fell apart when the boy found out Ms. Wey had moved onto another male student of the same age. The second male student was invited on a secluded hike by Ms. Wey. When they went on their excursion, at one point pulled out a hammock and started kissing him. When asked if he expected to engage in inappropriate activity with Ms. Wey along the trail, the victim said “Yeah.” When asked why that was his response, he replied “A teacher just doesn’t hang out with a student to hang out.” Wey was outed for her questionable behavior when the first male student confessed their relationship to his parents. After pleading guilty in February to two counts of having an improper relationship with a student, the courts handed out a 10-year probation sentence and 200 hours of community service.

The age of consent is Texas is 17, but teachers are not allowed to get it on with students, unless they were to get married.

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