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Speeding Eurotrash Kills Self And Three Others In Massive Fireball Porsche Crash

A major accident occurred in Greece – a Porsche at high speed crashed into a parked Honda Civic in the parking lot, four people were killed, including a child of three.
Behind the wheel of Porsche was the son of the owner of the network of supermarkets Jumbo Apostolos Vakakisa George and his friend. The incident occurred in the afternoon on Sunday on the National Highway Athens – Lamia. Judging by the records of surveillance cameras, Porsche driver lost control. The car took off from the highway and “like a rocket” hit a parked car, which is blown from the blow to pieces. Both vehicles caught fire.

The accident killed 33-year-old woman with a three year old child, who at the time of the accident were in a parked car, as well as driver and passenger Porsche – one of them was burned, another flew through the windshield and died on the spot from injuries.
On motorways allowed to move at a speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour, but the Porsche, according to data from the camera, I went much faster. Media noted that he flew to the “breakneck speed”.
According to the “Proto theme,” George Vakakis few days ago, came on vacation to Greece from the USA, where he studied at the university. Together with the other son of a millionaire was headed to Delphi. Yorgos Vakakisa named successor to his father in the company Jumbo.


The company owns a network of more than 80 stores, 52 of which are in Greece. Profit Corporation in 2015 amounted to 782 million euros.

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