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Pictures Of Instagram Stars Before Plastic Surgery

In this day in age, social media is king, and many women have taken advantage of that, becoming Instagram models and starlets. They jet set around that world and snap pictures of their lavish lifestyles and bombshell bodies.

They flaunt photos in their bikinis and underwear, showing off their fit physiques, and they aren’t shy to post multiple selfies a day, whether they’re on a boat, on the beach, or spending a night at a fabulous club.

But the Instagram models you know and love didn’t always look like they do now. They’ve had breast implants, lip fillers, and nose jobs, among other procedures, to help them get their desired faces and bodies. You may know Mara Teigen as Angelina Jolie’s social media starlet lookalike. She shot to fame on Instagram and is fawned over for her raven black hair, amazing body and pouty lips. But she didn’t always look that way. Pre-plastic surgery she looked much more girl-next-door, while she now loves lip fillers and looks to have had a nose job. Chloe Khan is also no stranger to lip fillers, having had a botched procedure that she wasn’t shy to post to her followers. She also flaunts her multiple boob jobs that got her to a 32HH cup size. When she made her debut on “X Factor” as Chloe Mafia her face and body looked significantly different.

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