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Outrageously Rude Burger King Manager Yells at Family

“We went through the Burger King drive-through around 8 in the morning to get breakfast. after I ordered one item, the lady on the microphone gave me my total. I told her that I wasn’t finished ordering and she told me to hurry up. I turned into the parking lot to go inside and let the manager know how the lady at the microphone was acting. I then found out that the woman on the microphone was the manager herself. She told us to get out of her store if we didn’t like it. She was causing a huge scene. She threatened to call the cops but never did and we believe it is because she knew she was in the wrong. I started recording her so the police if they were called, they could see how she was acting. There was absolutely no one behind us in line at the drive-thru and no one inside at all. We left after her refusing to give us her name to report her. We then called corporate about our experience.”

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