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Insane Stolen Valor at Texas WalMart

An angry veteran filmed his encounter with a man posing as an American soldier inside of a Texas Walmart, and the result is nothing less than satisfying. In the clip, the pretend soldier can be seen lingering near the store’s vending machines while talking on his phone. After filming him for nearly a minute, the cameraman approaches to lay his trap. “Hey man, you’re in the military?” he says, feigning admiration for the impostor. Going in for a firm handshake, the actual veteran asks him a question about his unit – and the story begins to fall apart.“75th Infantry,” the poseur replies. As the cameraman continues to ask for more details, his victim appears more and more confused, desperately trying to correctly answer the questions.

Finally, the veteran calls his bluff. “If you were really prior military like the rest of us,” he scolds, “you’re nine kinds of f***ed up right now. You’re wearing that uniform is a f***ing disgrace. Some of us who wore that uniform actually fought for our country. You don’t even know what the f*** you’re wearing.” He continues tearing into the Stolen Valor candidate, pointing out the various reasons that his uniform is not even remotely convincing to anyone with actual military experience.

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