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Dutch Man Films Neighbor Being Kidnapped!

The kidnapping of a Dutch man on a sleepy village street has been captured on camera by an alarmed neighbour.

The video, posted online the same day, shows the fellow wearing a black hood as he is escorted by three men — their faces obscured by black balaclavas — into the back of a car in Doornspijk, Holland.

Once them man is in the vehicle, the masked men climb in and drive off.

The kidnapped man has since escaped his captors, returning home at around 9pm the same evening, Dutch publication Sanoma Digital reports.

Police were visiting his home at the time of his reappearance and have questioned the man.

Local newspaper De Stentor has identified him as a 53-year-old local financial broker.

A report by witness has since led police to a black van they believe may have been involved in the case.

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