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Drone Sttops Car Thief In Action!

“After this was taken I kept my drone hovering over the car until the lady walking her dog returned. (If you look at 01:08 of the video you can see her walking her dog down the footpath). I showed her the footage and we called the police but the man was never found!

I searched the hedge rows where the person was last seen and also flew the drone around some more but could not locate him. Thinking back I should of followed him but I was more concerned about the ladies car that was now open and unattended.

If you look closely at 01:30 you can see someone else on the road in a red jacket. They must of been involved as well, as by the time I got across the field to the ladies car they had also disappeared!

Nothing was stolen from the car but the window had been damaged were it had been forced open to gain access.”

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