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Creepy Host Cuts His Co-presenter’s Dress With Scissors On Live TV!

A TV host has sparked outrage after cutting away his co-presenter’s dress with scissors during a live midday broadcast.
Juan y Medio was presenting Spanish show ‘Afternoon Here And Now’ with his co-host Eva Ruiz when he produced a pair of scissors and shortened her dress.
Despite claiming it was revenge for a previous stunt against him, the embarrassed presenter was forced to cover her modesty while the cameras kept rolling.

Medio said the scissor trick was revenge for Ruiz cutting up his trousers as part of a previous prank after he refused to dance on air.
However in the original prank, Ruiz cut up a pair of trousers her male co-presenter was not wearing at the time.
Footage shows In the recording Medio said: ‘What’s up, is she the only one that can cut?’


He then revealed the scissors and began snipping away at Ruiz’s svelte black dress.
An embarrassed Ruiz laughed off the prank while a show runner came on screen and helped cover up the attractive presenter.
Not all were amused by the stunt, however, as politician Teresa Rodriguez lashed out at the poorly judged stunt via Twitter.

She wrote: ‘What if our children find this on the public television channel in Andalusia? Would they think it is funny to do it to other girls?’
Meanwhile the broadcaster Canal Sur apologised via social media and called the prank ‘a joke between co-presenters’.
While Ruiz defended Medio claiming she had known about the joke beforehand and was comfortable with his actions.

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