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Awkward Moment Cop Tries To Explain Why He Randomly Pulled Over State Attorney

A video has surfaced of State Attorney Aramis Ayala being pulled over by the Orlando Police Department last week. The video shows Ayala, who identifies herself to the officer as the State Attorney, with an officer on each side of her vehicle. An officer is already speaking to her from the passenger side of her vehicle as a second officer, whose body camera is the point of view, exits his vehicle and approaches her driver’s side window.

The officer explains that she was pulled over because they ran her plates and the plates did not come back registered to anything, which he claims he’s “never seen before.” He explained that the tinting on her car was dark, which was “another reason for the stop,” according to the officer. He then stated he did not have a way to measure the tint at that time to see if it violated the law. (I noted that the tint was light enough that it permitted the camera to clearly see through both closed rear windows to the other side as the officer walked by.)

The State Attorney then asks why officers ran her plates in the first place, to which he explained that they “run tags all the time” because “that’s how we figure out if cars are stolen.” Ayala then asks for the officer’s cards, and she takes the officer’s name. Ayala’s office was contacted for a comment, but has not responded.

Do you buy the police officer’s excuse or is this an example of racial profiling?

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