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Amazing! Owl Attacks Fearless Rabbit

Never underestimate a foe based on their appearance…

While most would run for cover under such an attack, this rabbit seems to have no fear. The rabbit stands its ground and stares back at the owl, seemingly taunting the bird of prey, saying “Come at me, bro. Make my day.” But this owl isn’t playing around. In addition to preying on other small rodents, lemmings, and small birds, Snowy Owls commonly hunt hares and rabbits. Most owl hunting is done in a “sit and wait” style, in which the owl uses its powerful hearing and vision to track its prey, and swoop in ambush style.

The owl kills its prey using their razor sharp talons. An owl’s talons can have a pressure force of about 500 psi, and can easily carry prey weighing over three times their own body weight. It is unclear why this rabbit decides to do battle with a killer bird of prey as powerful as this owl. One possible explanation is that the rabbit’s family is hiding away nearby, and the rabbit is protecting them by leading the owl away from the young. OR… maybe the rabbit is just a tough guy who loves a good fight? Let us know what you think.

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