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10 Young Celebs Who Need to Go Back to School

As time progresses, it seems that intelligence and the value of academics has gone downhill. With people gaining the ability to jumpstart their careers by simply jumping into the workforce right after high school, the value of a college education has gone downhill.

This is especially true when you become a celebrity at a young age and start making a lot of money almost immediately. When the point of continuing your education is to make money, a young celebrity is technically “already there” and therefore doesn’t see the point of continuing their education. On the other hand, there are also a handful of celebrities who see the value in academics and therefore keep going with their studies even though they don’t technically need it.
However, it becomes very obvious when someone needs to go back to school and learn some common sense. In this video, are ten young celebrities who need to go back to school. Even with all of the money in the world, if you’re not intelligent, the media and the fan base will brutally go after celebrities, despite their incredible fame.

If anything, the stories of the celebs in this video should act as inspiration for fans and young people to not only continue their studies, but also maintain a general awareness of the world around them. While it is nice to be blissfully ignorant while being rich and famous, at the end of the day, people have more respect for those who are maintaining awareness of the world and academics.

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