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10 STRANGEST Beauty Pageants You Won’t Believe Exist

When it comes to beauty pageants, you probably think of svelte women who parade around a stage in dazzling day and evening attire, show off their curves in swimsuits, and showcase their hidden skills in the talent portion. But across the globe, event organizers have created numerous pageants that don’t focus on the conventional standards of beauty.F For example, you won’t see any waif-like contestants at Miss Fat and Beautiful Israel. This pageant requires each contestant to be at least 175 pounds – a much heavier weight than your average Miss USA contestant.

At this pageant, conventional beauty standards are definitely put to the test, and these big and beautiful women confirm that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We wouldn’t be surprised if other countries hop on the bandwagon and begin to celebrate plus-size women with beauty pageants of their own.

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