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10 Shocking Disneyland Secrets You Didn’t Know!

Since its opening on july 17, 1955, Disneyland has become one of the most popular and successful theme parks in the world. What exactly is the secret behind disneyland success? We don’t know the whole story, but secret spill out every now and then. Here are 10 incredible disneyland secrets you never knew.

Till of disneyland

It’s a given that families are visiting Disneyland, every day which means that a variety of people are walking through the gates every second. Well not technically a feature of disneyland, someone started the Instagram account “dilfs of disneyland”, which features some of the hottest dads that have been spotted at the park. Obviously, it’s kind of intrusive as some of the dads don’t know their photo is being taken and we don’t really want to think of dilfs and disney in the same sentence…

Special shade of green

To help guests notice the more attractive things at disneyland, Disney Imagineers created a special color called “go away green”.This shade is the most unobtrusive color on the spectrum so it easily disappears from the naked human eye. The less attractive things like trash cans and backstage doors are all painted this shade of green. The doors to the exclusive club 33 are also painted this color so it’s entranceway is less noticeable. The color has had a boost in popularity and guests have even been known to try to bring color swatches and samples so that they can use the color in their own home.

Here kitty kitty

Anyone that has visited disneyland will notice that there were virtually no real mice or rodents on the property. If you look extra clothes in the bushes and on park grounds you might have the privilege spotting one of the parks numerous felines. While their origin is question disney reps have acknowledged the amount of cats on the property but haven’t commented on where they came from. Parkgoers have spotted cat hoses and rumor has it that disneyland brought the cats to the property purposely as a way of dealing with rodents.

Actual props

One of disneyland’s greatest ways of bringing gas into the world of each ride is their use of props and decor to make each theme more realistic. If you’ve ever visited the Indiana Jones ride and stood in line you’ll probably recognize the Mercedes truck that was used as an actual movie prop from raiders of the lost ark. Also, rumor has it that the r2-d2 and c-3po in the line at Disneyland “Star Tours” ride are the actual props used in the movie and were reprogrammed to operate via audio animatronics.

Real tombstones

disneyland haunted mansion ride opened in 1969 and was inspired by walt disney’s idea of having that creepy house at the end of the road after Main Street. The Haunted Mansion features a cemetery and although there are no bodies buried there the tombstones represent real people. The names on the tombstones were actual people mainly Imagineers and disneyland staff members. Many of the tombstones even contain little inside jokes on them. Of course with the names being real people have assumed it is an actual burial site which isn’t quite the case

Flash mountain

Splash mountain is known for its big drop at the end of the ride. Right before you descend into the fall a camera goes off to catch your reaction. One of the most common things to happen is women lifting their shirts and flashing the camera. This has caused splash mountain to be nicknamed flash mountain so next time you ride splash mountain and your pic disappears you might have been riding with the navi flasher.

Morse code

In the New Orleans square section of the park there is a telegraph office connected to the train station. When guests are in the area they can hear a message in Morse code. Most people don’t know what it says but the code is actually part of walt disney’s opening speech from the park’s first day in July 17, 1955 .

Monkeying around

For anyone that has seen the disney movie pirates of the caribbean you might remember captain barbossa says monkey named Jack. While many people think it’s just a joke that Jack Sparrow shares a name with his enemies monkey there is an actual origin story. In the “pieces of eight” pirate gift shop in New Orleans square there’s a monkey that sits atop the store chandelier and that monkey’s name is Jack. He was the inspiration for Jack the monkey and the pirates movies.

Old meets new

When Disneyland takes one right down to build another the park doesn’t always put their old structures and props into the trash. The “winnie the pooh” ride was built in the original location of country bear jamboree and three of the characters from the show still exists. At the end of the ride if the riders look behind them they will see Max Buff and Melvin hanging above. Also in fantasyland the original ticket booths still stand for when park patrons had to buy tickets for rides. In the projection room of the Indiana Jones ride there was a picture of eeyore that hangs, to show that the ride is where the old your parking lot used to be.

Hidden technology

Inside Sleeping Beauty’s castle the park would prefer that you see the attraction of the trip through a fairytale land for technology doesn’t exist. But if you walk into the castle for Main Street, on the wall, in the last doorway nook, you will spot a power outlet. Many guests have used the outlet to charge their cell phones but park employees would prefer you refrain from using the outlet as not to draw attention to it. It would make sense that the park doesn’t want you to know the outlet is there in Sleeping Beauty definitely didn’t have any sort of modern technology in the famous fairy tale.

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