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10 Of The Cringiest Facebook Posts on the Internet

Before the invention of the internet, when we embarrassed ourselves, it was a moment that was laughed at for a moment and then swiftly forgotten. But then something changed. Something was brought upon the world that made everything so permanent that people will need years to outlive their cringiest moments.Ever since MySpace first set the stone for social media, other people immediately started creating their own websites in hopes of riding on the social media wagon. One of them was Mark Zuckerberg, who created the now infamous social media giant, Facebook.

With the ability to connect with people that are both familiar and strangers, people now feel more comfortable than ever to post their life stories and all of their feelings.

The drawback is that now we are also seeing and sharing people’s most embarrassing moments in their life, and whatever you post on the Internet seems to be permanent these days thanks to screenshots and archives. In other words, there’s no escaping the choices you make, whether they are good or bad.

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