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10 Oddly Contagious Things You Can Catch From People

If there is one thing that we don’t like as members of the human race, it’s the fact that we don’t like to get sick.

With so much sickness in this world, the human race has overcome so much even though it was nearly eradicated from ailments like small pox and the bubonic plague. Call it evolution, or call it the luck of the draw, but before medicine became what we now know it as, getting sick meant death could have been just over the horizon and a cough away. Over the course of human history, hygiene practices have improved immensely with soaps and hand sanitizers as well as antibiotics and vaccines that were all created for the purpose of keeping us healthy and well. But in reality, we can’t defend ourselves against every ailment on this Earth no matter how many preventative measures we take. Sometimes we learn the weird way that there are some things that are contagious, like being sad or physical actions such as yawning. The human body has certainly proven that it is a fascinating mechanism.

There are odd things that medicine and science never expected, thus leaving the general public vulnerable to keep passing the ailments along. The illnesses and negative feelings are not always physical, but instead are psychological, which makes us vulnerable in a completely different way. Here are ten odd things that are contagious, and what you can do to protect yourself from becoming unwell in all areas of your existence.

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