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10 Movie Mistakes That Even Digital Effects Couldn’t Save

Making movies is an extremely difficult and rewarding experience. The whole endeavor from start to finish can last years and lots of minute details go into making these entertaining distractions.

We’ve come a long way in cinema and digital effects have helped make the movie going experience look that much better-and even fix some problems that may need fixing. But sometimes, mistakes end up in the final film that even digital effects can’t save, due to being too complicated or too ingrained into the plot. From Superman being unable to see in smoke in Batman V Superman, the fast and furious and star wars movies mixing up their own histories, guardians of the galaxy volume 2 forgetting about other avengers or even fantastic beasts getting some historical information wrong, sometimes a mistake just can’t be fixed no matter how good digital effects are today.

Most of the time you wouldn’t notice something like this but in the name of good fun, we’re here to show them to you. We’re rabid fans of these movies and by no means are putting them down, but we guarantee you won’t look at these movies the same way ever again!


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