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10 Most Unusual Highschool Prom Queens To Ever Win

Prom is a rite of passage for high school seniors; their last big hoorah before they go out into the world. Being crowned Prom King or Queen is the dream of many. Campaigning for a spot on the ballot, students hope to hear their name announced at the dance and receive that coveted crown of tiara and become Prom royalty. But what about the ones you wouldn’t expect? Typically Prom is all about the most popular students, but popularity isn’t always so straight forward. Sometimes it’s the person that’s least expected that wins the crown in the end.

Prom season is upon us and teens everywhere are crowning their Prom Kings and Queens. While it’s typically a popularity contest, sometimes students come together and vote for someone more unusual, but just as deserving. Here are some examples of those Prom Kings and Queens.

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