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10 Most Cringiest Gym Pictures Posted Online

We’ve all seen it, someone taking a selfie at the gym. Some lift their shirts to show off their muscles and others pull down their pants. Then there are those taking photos of the people around them doing strange things with exercise equipment. Sometimes it’s just cringe-inducing. Here are ten examples of the most cringe-worthy things seen in gyms.

Going to the gym and getting fit is either a favorite pastime or hated chore to many. To those that love it, there’s nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing a buff, toned and slim figure staring back at them. Every gym has a few people standing around with their phones however.

Whether they are taking a gelfie (a gym selfie) or taking a photo of someone else doing something cringe-worthy. It takes all kinds. While some photos taken in the gym may seem a little narcissistic, others are just downright weird.

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