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10 Missing Bodies Finally Discovered in Creepy Places

Do you like crime or mystery shows? Find yourself always drawn to shows like CSI or Sherlock? You’re not alone. People are fascinated with the darker side of humanity because it’s scary, unlawful and involves death – all things that are extremely interesting.

It explains why we follow up on missing person stories, track the progress of notable trials and are drawn to shows that detail the lives of serial killers and their victims. Many of us enjoy, or are drawn to, stories of crime and missing people because it’s like something out of a novel or movie. It’s fiction come to life. Those of us who are really into it all often read up on the details, not necessarily to help police officials, but more-so to satiate that personal desire to answer the unknown and the unexplained.

All of this is why cases of missing people and related stories of discovered bodies draw so much attention. Throw in bizarre elements and add a layer of creepiness and you have a horror movie come to life. From people who inexplicably vanished only to turn up dead days later to adventurers who vanished and were discovered decades after the fact in some remote location, each of these stories has its own element of creepiness. Add in that we usually don’t know 100% the details surrounding how, when, where or why the person died and it makes the discovered body all the creepier.

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