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10 Leaked Pictures The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

From WWE stars partying too hard to images of wrestlers breaking character, here are 10 shocking pictures the WWE does not want you to see. So let’s ring the bell and get right down to it!
This shot of Roman Reigns doesn’t seem very scandalous; unless you know how much the WWE hates to have their wrestlers exposed backstage right before an entrance. This is understandable considering how out of character they may seem in these moments and how many reps are tending to their every need.

This goes against the character arc of most wrestlers as tough guys or loners; myths the writers want to promote as much as possible. So please. No pictures!

WWE fans would love to see Jeff Hardy back in the company one day but until he’s able to prove that he can control his addiction to the party life, it may not happen. Jeff and his brother Matt have a well-known reputation for boozing too much and partying too…Hardy? Once, Jeff was kicked off a plane for being too drunk and he freely admits there are plenty of comparable untold stories to go along with that one. Enough that it may have cost Hardy a bigger role in the WWE.

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