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10 Famous People With Hidden ‘Talents’ You Never Expected

Can you do anything your friends would consider ‘unusual?’ No, playing video games for hours on end or eating an absurd amount of hotdogs doesn’t count. What we’re talking about are unusual talents or abilities. These are things not everyone else can do. Maybe, like the people featured in our video on hypermobility, you’re double-jointed and can bend in cringe-worthy ways that make your friends stare in horror? Perhaps you can touch your nose with your tongue or make bizarre animal sounds?

These are the sorts of unusual ‘skills’ that we’re talking about. We often associate them with kids because, let’s face it, as you get older it gets less and less socially acceptable to try and touch your elbow with your tongue.
Almost everyone has some sort of strange talent or bizarre ability – and celebrities are no different. If you’ve followed our site for any length of time then you know that we love celebrities and almost anything related to them. We’ve created videos on pretty much everything from their wealth and relationships to their houses and social media practices. Now it’s time to demonstrate another side to our favorite celebs – an unusual side. These famous people are best known for their songs and movies. What they’re not famous for, but could be, is their strange talent which they’ve occasionally demonstrated.

From twisting their body parts in strange ways to making odd sounds to acts you need to see to believe, you might just view these famous people in a different light after seeing the sorts of strange “skills” they can perform.

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