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10 Famous People Who Were Caught Cheating

In a hectic Hollywood life, affairs are more common than we realize. Surrounded by paparazzi, fans and other celebs, these affairs don’t always stay secret; especially when everyone is plugged in. In a world of internet, television and radio, it’s only a matter of time before they are caught. Sometimes there’s fallout, others it’s just accepted as a way of life for the rich and famous, juicy gossip in otherwise routine lives. Over the years, gossip hounds have uncovered some pretty shocking romances on the side for Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Here we’ve compiled a list of ten celebrities that have been caught cheating with co-stars, fellow celebrities and even their directors. From the most shocking scandals to those swept under the rug.

Nothing in a celebrity’s life stays private for long whether it’s their love lives or professional lives.

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