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10 Famous Mistresses Who RUINED People’s Marriage

We’ve all be waiting in line at the supermarket or just surfing around online and seen the headlines meant to draw us in. You know, headlines about celebrity relationships which promise to dish the deepest and darkest secrets of the world’s biggest stars.

Often these stories are about someone showing a baby bump or ‘so-and-so’ having a crazy night out on the town without their significant other.

In such instances, the pictures are usually either taken completely out of context or so heavily Photoshopped it looks fake. After all, how many baby-bumps has Jennifer Aniston been reported to have over the past decade? Exactly.
When they’re not trying to grab the first pic of the newest celebrity baby, those who watch and follow the stars are obsessed with their relationships – both past and present. Who’s dating who? Who is getting married and who is cheating? Yes, the topic of infidelity and behind the scenes romances is one hot topic. As it turns out, some notable celebs went about snagging their partners in less than admirable ways. All of these following celebrities are either known or strongly linked by rumours to have hooked a significant other or two while that person was still involved in another relationship.

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