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10 Famous Celebs Who Actually Killed People

The life of a celebrity is one full of glitz, glamour, fancy cars and the most gorgeous homes. But being famous doesn’t give celebrities a free pass in the criminal justice system. Many famous people have been at the center of tragic and devastating events that have left numerous people dead.

Poor judgment and irresponsible decisions have been the catalyst to many of these deaths. Drugs and alcohol seem to be the common factors of many deadly incidents, including the 1978 murder of Nancy Pungent – the girlfriend of Sex Pistols bass guitarist, Sid Vicious. Pungent was found dead with a single stab wound to her stomach at the Hotel Chelsea in New York. Vicious was arrested, but later released on bail. He never faced the music and escaped punishment for the murder when he was found dead of a heroin drug overdose.

Actor Lane Garrison is another celebrity who made a poor decision after a night of partying. The actor attended a high school party, and offered to purchase more alcohol at the liquor store. Two girls and a guy offered to ride with him. Garrison, who was over the legal limit, ran a red light and struck a tree – killing a 17-year-old boy who was a passenger. It was a deadly mistake, and the actor was sentenced to 40 months behind bars.

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