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10 Embarrassing Myspace Photos Celebs Don’t Want You To See

A decade ago, the internet was still a relatively new and unknown realm for many people. YouTube was in its infancy and a far cry from the diverse platform it is today, Google had just released its Maps and Earth features and the social media giant Facebook was just a shadow of what it would become.

Yes, social media in general was still sorting itself out as people tried to figure out what it was and advertisers tried to figure out how to make money with it. We’ve come a long way in the past decade, and my how things have changed. Ten years ago Myspace was king. It was revolutionary because it gave the user a place to post blogs, music, video and pictures. It was, at one time, bigger than Google and until 2008 the giant of the social media world. Then it fell out of favor. Today, Myspace is a shell of what it once was as people left and headed over to the newer social media platforms. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the website is totally dead or useless. In fact, years of text, videos and photos have been stored there, like a time capsule, just waiting to be raided. And raided it has been.

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