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10 Amazing Images Of The Sun Rising In Different Countries

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Have you ever wondered how amazing and different the sunrise would look in different countries? Well this French landscape photographer, Julien Grondin, did. This led him to travel the worl

d for 3 years to pretty much follow the sun, his main goal was to visit as many countries as he could, capturing landscapes and cityscapes to include the sunrise in the frame of the image. These images are just the most amazing images of the sunrise we’ve ever seen and maybe it will inspire you to do something similar. Check out this list of 10 of the most amazing images of the sun rising in different countries.


This is an amazing cityscape of Hong-Kong, showing all the buildings and even the river.


The ice and the sky look amazing, especially with the sun right there.

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Monument Valley, United States

Even though it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, this is one amazing image of Monument Valley.


Another image of the sun in Iceland and it still looks as beautiful.

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Paris, France

This image looks like it’s right out of a dream.

Paris, France

The long exposure of this image of Paris just looks amazing.

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We’ve never seen any images of Australia look as amazing as this one!


Australia is often thought of as a land where everything is out to harm you, but this image of the sun rising will do anything but.

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Paris, France

The sky and the reflection of the sun in the water, just looks amazing.

Arizona, United States

We’re amazed at how he’s captured the sun in this image.


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